WRA is your compliance expert in a highly regulated industry!

Expert Pesticide Regulatory Consultants in Achieving Federal and State Registration Approvals

Pesticide Regulatory Consultants
    “WRA has helped guide us through the intricacies of pesticide registrations, both federal and state, and their expertise and advice have helped us navigate the rules and regulations both efficiently and cost effectively.”
    Top qualities:
    Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

    ~ Director – Product Stewardship & Regulatory Advocacy (large US chemical company)

      Industrial Sectors Served

      • Products for the agriculture, turf, ornamental, forestry and specialty industries
      • Greenhouse crops and ornamentals
      • Vegetation management
      • Residential indoor and outdoor products
      • Golf courses
      • Pet products for fleas and ticks
      • Professional pest control operators

      Services for EPA Registrations

      • Registration of products with EPA and States
      • Formulated end use products
      • Technical grade products for manufacturing use
      • Amendments to product registrations
      • Private label registrations
      • Repack registrations
      • FIFRA Section 25(b) products
      • Pre-registration meetings with EPA
      • Data compensation evaluations for generic post patent products
      • Due diligence for company mergers and product acquisitions
      • Preparation of generic product labeling and Safety Data Sheets
      • Data generation at contract laboratories
      • Petitions to EPA to approve inert ingredients
      • Petitions to EPA to set tolerances (MRL) for crops
      • Re-registration review by EPA
      • Filing EPA establishment production reports
      • Product label compliance review
      • Project management

      Services for State Registrations

      • Initial registration for pesticide & fertilizer products
      • Product registration renewal
      • Sales reporting to states
      • Label compliance review
      • Submission of label updates to states
      • Tonnage reports to states
      • Client access to STARS® database