US Environmental Protection Agency

Registration Expertise for an Entire Spectrum of Products

“I would highly recommend Wagner Regulatory Associates (WRA) for the expert council they have provided some of the companies I have been involved with over the past 10 years. Their in-depth knowledge of EPA and state regulatory requirements has been very helpful, always on-time (often ahead of the curve) and with an attitude of mutual ownership. They have a top-shelf staff and work very closely with their clients in fullfilling their aspirations while remaining in compliance with a very demanding, heavily regulated industry.”

Top qualities:
Great Results, Expert, Good Value

~President – North America – (large international generic pesticide company)

Toxic Substances Control Act

WRA provides consulting services to clients to comply with the following requirements of the Toxic Substances Control Act.

TSCA Section 5

  • Pre-manufacture notices,
  • Low volume exemptions,
  • Low release exposure exemptions,
  • Significant new use notifications

TSCA Section 12(b)

  • Export notifications

TSCA Section 8(e)

  • Chemical Data Reporting